What Are the Benefits of Getting Orthodontic Treatment As an Adult?

Looking into adult orthodontics in Bethesda, MD, but aren’t sure if the process is worth it?

Here are 5 amazing benefits of getting braces or other types of orthodontic treatments as an adult that will convince you to schedule an appointment ASAP.

1. Completed Facial Development

Did you know that one in four orthodontic patients are adult? By the time you’re an adult, your jawbone and facial features are done developing, which actually makes you the perfect candidate for braces! 

Not only that, but it also means that apart from correcting tooth placement, braces won’t cause any major facial changes.

2. Better Treatment Compliance

Any type of orthodontic treatment’s success depends on how well a patient follows all the rules of the treatment. With kids and even teens, there is always a risk that they won’t follow the rules as strictly, which could affect their results.

Adults are much better at following instructions and ensuring they stay on track with their orthodontic treatment. This helps them get amazing results, and even maintain their new smile for the rest of their lives.

3. Fewer Risks of Side-Effects

Braces or even clear aligners can increase your risk for cavities and gum disease if you aren't diligently brushing your teeth and orthodontic appliance every single day. 

Adults usually have a better brushing technique than kids and teens, which significantly reduces their risk for these oral health issues during treatment. This also helps keep your treatment on track, since every time you develop a cavity or other dental damage, your orthodontics may need to be interrupted until you get the appropriate treatment.

4. Healthier Teeth

Orthodontics doesn’t just improve how your smile looks. An improper teeth alignment or unhealthy bite can increase your risk for dental damage. Your teeth may be harder to clean, leading to frequent cavities, or you may be wearing down your teeth faster because of how you chew.

Either way, orthodontics leads to healthier teeth because they completely remove these risks.

5. Better Sleep Quality

Did you know that teeth alignment can also lead to certain sleep disorders? An unhealthy bite, for instance, can make people develop sleep apnea, a disorder where they stop breathing during the night for a few seconds.

In fact, a common way to manage sleep apnea is wearing a mouthguard while sleeping, which holds the jaw in a better position to prevent airflow from being interrupted.

Fixing tooth alignment and jaw position may address these disorders and help you sleep better at night.

We Can Help You Get a Straighter Smile

Find out which type of orthodontics will help you get a stunning and healthy smile by seeing Dr. Maddy Goodman or Dr. Heather Sholander for a short consultation.

To get started, request a visit to Harmony Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics online. Our Bethesda orthodontists are here to help you get a straighter smile.

If you want to learn more about adult orthodontics or our other services, feel free to call our team at (301) 664-4220.

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