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What is Remote Dental Monitoring?

Remote Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge approach to dental care, and is particularly helpful for both adults and children undergoing traditional orthodontics or clear aligner therapy. It involves using advanced technology and a mobile app to monitor a patient's dental progress remotely. This innovative system allows orthodontists to track the alignment process, make assessments, and provide feedback without the need for frequent in-office visits. It's especially beneficial for patients using clear aligners, as it ensures that the treatment is progressing as planned. By using high-resolution images and data sent through the app, dentists can make informed decisions about the treatment, offering a more convenient and efficient orthodontic experience.

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Why should I use Remote Dental Monitoring?

Opting for Remote Dental Monitoring offers a more flexible and convenient approach to orthodontic treatment. It's ideal for busy individuals, including working professionals and students, who may find it challenging to attend frequent in-office visits. This modern method allows for consistent monitoring of treatment progress, ensuring that any adjustments to the treatment plan can be made promptly. It also empowers patients by allowing them a more active role in their treatment process. For those using clear aligners, remote monitoring provides peace of mind and clarity about the effectiveness of their treatment, as they can receive regular feedback and guidance from their orthodontist.

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Remote monitoring can potentially reduce the number of physical office visits by half.

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The Benefits of Remote Dental Monitoring

Enhanced Convenience

Remote Dental Monitoring significantly enhances the convenience of orthodontic treatment. Patients can send updates and receive feedback through a mobile app, reducing the need for physical visits to the dentist's office. This is particularly advantageous for individuals with hectic schedules or those living far from our practice. It allows for a more seamless integration of orthodontic care into daily life without compromising the quality of treatment.

Real-Time Feedback and Adjustments

One of the critical advantages of Remote Dental Monitoring is the ability to receive real-time feedback and make timely adjustments to the treatment plan. Through regular updates and image submissions via the app, orthodontists can closely monitor progress and suggest changes if necessary. This immediate response ensures that the treatment is always on the right track, potentially reducing the overall treatment time.

Minimizes Need for In-Person Visits

The use of Remote Dental Monitoring greatly minimizes the need for in-person visits to the office. This not only saves time but also reduces travel expenses and the inconvenience of scheduling and attending frequent appointments. It’s particularly beneficial during times when physical distancing is necessary, such as during health crises or in remote areas where access to specialized dental care may be limited.

The Remote Dental Monitoring Treatment Process

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Initial Setup and Orientation

The first step involves setting up the remote monitoring system. This usually includes downloading a specific app and receiving instructions from the dental team. The patient is oriented on how to use the app effectively, including how to take and upload high-quality images of their teeth and aligners.

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Regular Updates and Communication

Patients are required to regularly upload images of their teeth and aligners as per the schedule provided by their orthodontist. These images are used to monitor the progress of the treatment. The orthodontist reviews the updates and communicates any feedback or adjustments needed through the app, maintaining consistent and effective communication.

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Adjusting Treatment as Necessary

Based on the images and data received, the orthodontist may adjust the treatment plan. This could include changing the wear schedule of the aligners or making other recommendations to ensure optimal treatment outcomes. Patients receive these updates directly through the app, allowing for a dynamic and responsive treatment process.

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More than 70% of orthodontic patients are eligible for remote dental monitoring.

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