Why Is Orthodontics Important?

Commitment To The Craft

What Is A Board-Certified Orthodontist?

By choosing a board-certified orthodontist in Bethesda, like Dr. Maddy Goodman, you’re choosing a doctor who has proven her lifelong commitment to learning and excellence in patient care through hundreds of additional hours of education and preparation. Less than 30% of orthodontists have this voluntary credential from the American Board of Orthodontics. A board-certification is a symbol of an orthodontist’s dedication to their craft, and ensures that your whole family is receiving the best possible care.

More Than Braces

What Do Orthodontists Do?

Orthodontists work to ensure the proper function of their patients’ teeth and jaws while creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Misaligned teeth or jaw bones can make it difficult to bite, chew, and speak. An improperly aligned smile can also make teeth harder to clean and cause abnormal wearing of enamel, resulting in expensive, extensive dental treatment down the road.

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Early Interceptive Treatment

Orthodontics For Children

Early interceptive orthodontics aim to “intercept” possible problems with the growth of a child’s jaw and mouth. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends having your little one’s first visit with an orthodontist at the first sign of a problem, but no later than the age of 7.

By this time, your child's mouth will have reached a stage in development at which the doctor will be able to recognize current and future orthodontic concerns and recommend treatment if necessary.

Starting treatment early allows us to take advantage of your child's growth potential and malleability and can greatly simplify later treatment. It can also save your child from the mental and physical repercussions of having misaligned teeth or jaws.

It’s Never Too Late

Orthodontics For Adults

You’re never too old to smile, so why not put your best tooth forward? Orthodontics doesn't just result in a beautifully straight smile. Braces and other forms of alignment therapy including Invisalign can also relieve many dental issues, making it easier to take care of your teeth, and reducing the risks of gum disease and tooth decay.

Advancements in orthodontics and aligner technology have resulted in treatments that are more comfortable and more visually subtle than ever before. If you’re unhappy with your smile, or uncomfortable with your bite, don’t put it off any longer.

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benefits of orthodontic treatment

Specialized Care For You

Benefits of Orthodontics

By straightening crooked teeth and correcting misaligned bites, you reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. This is because misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean. 

While brushing and flossing removes left behind food particles, teeth that overlap may prevent you from cleaning all of the nooks and crannies between the teeth. This can lead to poor oral hygiene, and cavities as a result. 

Correcting bite problems can also improve your child’s speech and their ability to chew their food, which results in better digestion. Bite problems are associated with poor digestion and speech impediments, especially difficulty pronouncing “s” and “t” sounds.

Misalignment of the teeth and jaw can also pose additional problems, such as an increased risk of developing TMJ, sleep apnea, bruxism, and dental trauma. By correcting the problem, you reduce the risk of these serious conditions. 

Orthodontic treatment also drastically improves patients' confidence in their teeth and overall smile which carries over into their everyday life. They may be more likely to take photos, go to social events, and even receive better job opportunities.

What to expect

What Can Orthodontics Correct?

Orthodontics can correct bite problems, such as open, under, over, and crossbites. The best way to do this is typically traditional braces, but other orthodontics can also correct these malocclusions. Orthodontic treatment can also close gaps between the teeth, correct overcrowding, and straighten crooked teeth. 

Most orthodontics can perform these movements, but clear aligners are best suited for minor alignment or crowding issues that mainly pose an aesthetic concern. Braces can perform more complex tooth movements, like rotating teeth and moving them up into the gums. 

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signs you need orthodontic treatment

Recognizing Issues

Signs You Need Orthodontic Treatment

One of the most telltale signs that you need orthodontic treatment is noticing visually that teeth are crooked, there are large gaps, or there is a bite problem such as an overbite. However, other signs can include difficulty chewing, signs of TMJ, including lockjaw and popping sounds when opening the mouth, and speech impediments.

What Happens If

I Don’t Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

If you don’t undergo orthodontic treatment, you will suffer from poor oral hygiene which can cause preventable issues like tooth decay and gum disease. These can lead to tooth infections or even lost teeth.

Overcrowded teeth or misaligned bites put you at a higher risk of dental trauma or tooth damage either from an injury or from teeth grinding. Bite problems can also lead to a lot of pain due to bruxism and TMJ, as well as migraines. These will only become worse over time. 

Early orthodontic treatment can prevent alignment issues from becoming worse and intervene early enough that you will not require extensive braces later in life. It will save you time and money on orthodontics and restorative treatments.

If you have misaligned teeth or bite problems, contact our orthodontists in Bethesda today to schedule an appointment.

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