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What is Adult Orthodontics?

Adult orthodontics is a branch of dentistry for people over the age of 18 centered on moving teeth and jaws into their correct position using various dental appliances. These devices apply pressure to the teeth and jaws, gradually moving them into their correct positions, and ensuring a perfect set of straight teeth. Examples of devices used in adult orthodontics include braces, aligners, retainers, and expanders.

Bethesda Adult orthodontics

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the word "Ortho" means straight or correct, and "odont" means tooth, so orthodontics literally means "straightening teeth."

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Adult Orthodontic Process

The adult orthodontic process is simple and straightforward provided you find the right dentist for the job. It typically involves the following steps:

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Step 1:
Initial Consultation

The first step is consulting with a licensed orthodontist, specializing in adult orthodontics. During this consultation the dentist will take your x-rays and conduct a TMJ and bite test to determine what orthodontic treatment works best for your dental situation.

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Step 2:
The Treatment Plan

Your Bethesda dentist will then come up with a treatment plan to ensure the success of your treatment. This treatment plan entails the type of orthodontic treatment, the duration of the treatment, and the medication for the treatment. This plan is imperative to a seamless orthodontic treatment.

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Step 3:
Placing the Orthodontic Treatment (Typically Braces and Aligners)

The most important step is placing the orthodontic appliance. For braces, the dentist will use putty-like material to stick the metal brackets onto the teeth, then cure the sticking material with a special light. The dentist then passes the arch-wires through them before tightening them and cutting the ends to avoid scraping your gums or inner cheeks.

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Step 4:

You’ll need to make regular visits to the dentist according to your treatment plan. The dentist will make slight adjustments to your orthodontic appliance during these visits. For braces, the adjustments involve tightening the arch wires, replacing the brackets, or any other adjustments to ensure your teeth align perfectly.

Types of Adult Orthodontics

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Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are the most popular types of orthodontics for treating malocclusions and bite complications. They consist of stainless steel brackets attached to arch wires held together by small rubber bands. The braces apply pressure to your teeth gradually moving them into place.

Self-Ligating Braces

Unlike traditional brackets that use rubber bands to attach to arch wires, self-ligating braces have brackets that directly attach to the arch wires. This makes the brackets a lot more subtle and reduces the likelihood of foods getting stuck between them.

Ceramic Braces

As the name implies, ceramic braces are made from clear ceramic and frosted wires that blend with the rest of the teeth. This makes them less noticeable and less visually intrusive. They’re also more comfortable than traditional braces but cost much more.

Damon Braces

Damon braces consist of a memory wire that uses rubber bands to bind with the metal brackets. The dentists adjust thai wire over time to  move your teeth gradually. These braces don’t exert as much pressure on your teeth as traditional braces, making them a more comfortable choice.

Invisalign (ClearAligners)

Invisalign is a type of removable clear aligner that patients wear over their teeth to straighten them. They resemble mouth guards and patients must wear them for at least 20 hours a day to achieve the intended results. Patients can remove them while eating to prevent food from getting stuck inside them.

Advanced Remote Dental Monitoring

At Harmony Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we're always looking for ways to include the most advanced technology into our practice. We use Remote Dental Monitoring to send patients treatment instructions, optimize individual appliance efficiency, gather patients' progression photos, determine timelines for treatment and more! With Dental Motoring we utilize a patient app for two-way communication and appointment scheduling that allows us to send instructions and annotated pictures anytime.

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Is It Too Late for Me to Receive Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

No, you can never be too old to receive orthodontic treatment. The only thing that disqualifies you from this type of treatment is if you don’t have enough teeth to qualify for the treatment. Get in touch with us today to get your teeth straightened as soon as you can.

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Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids; many adults also seek orthodontic care to improve their oral health.

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